Forest Flux project started in December 2018 and will end in November 2021.  The overall objective of the Forest Flux project is to foster the development of Copernicus Earth Observation (EO) market and improve the profitability of forest management by implementing a world-first service of high-resolution maps of forest carbon fluxes, storage and their development over time. To achieve the overall objective the following specific objectives have to be met:

1. Assure the scientific coherence and accuracy of the Forest Flux products on large geographic scales (realized in Work Package WP1 Technical development and subsystem prototyping).
2. Implement a scalable modular computation system for predicting forest structural variables, carbon stocks and fluxes, and the total carbon footprint on a commercially available computing platform (WP 2 Technical implementation of the service).
3. Openly demonstrate the value of the services to the wider user community (WP 3 Pilots).
4. Perform a complete system integration with the existing business processes of the user (WP 4 User involvement).
5. Remove technical and communication barriers from European companies and institutions in using carbon flux and storage information in their operational decision-making (WP 5 Market development).